Behind The Story

by One Mile Left

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Our first record released in 2012. 15 Tracks that bring back classic Pop Punk. If you missed that kind of music as much as we did, you should give it a listen.


released August 24, 2012

Recorded an mixed by One Mile Left.
Mastered by Scott Goodrich at the Panda Studios, Fremont, California.



all rights reserved


One Mile Left Bamberg, Germany

Founded 2008 in Bamberg, Germany, the three-piece One Mile Left plays Pop Punk like you heard it in movies like “American Pie”. If you missed that kind of music as much as the band did, you should give these guys a listen.

- 2012: Behind The Story
- 2013: The High Rise Afternoon EP
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Track Name: Keep Me Up
First class seat and a whole day at the railway station.
And all we’ll ever be, a single night sensation.
Chasing you from room to room.
Up, down and right way round.
Thousand kisses on your neck.
Hope you’ll remember me.

Said once you’ll be far away.
But even if you go now.
Then you still keep me up in bed.
God, this is now or never.

This is about a boy and her and she keeps saying:
Your Story is not mine. And we’re both lying.

Don’t let go.
Don’t let go.
Track Name: Untitled
I wake up with headache.
It's finally 4pm.
A dream that I don't have.
About something I don't get.

Lost nothing and won less.
This fucked up day is a mess.
I stand up and I see
some empty bottles around me.

These nights, lost control and lost my mind.
I just want those girls to all be mine.
This time it's just the perfect wish you can't deny.
We give a fuck about the school and work,
we're waving our good-bye's.

I log-in to myspace.
And see some more new mails.
From some girls in my town.
They wrote I'm an asshole.

Right time but the wrong place.
Right words said in the wrong case.
I kissed her. She kicked me
I'll do it all again and.
Track Name: Please Tell 1ML That They Suck
Went to a party, everything was all right.
My friends were there, got drunk by midnight.
And all the girls were cheering my name.
Felt like Stinson, was on top of my game.

Her eyes said I need you tonight.
I went over to hold her tight.
Then she whispered, what ruined my night.
Her dirty secret, and no she’s not a guy.

She only dates boys taller than her father.
That guy is 8 feet tall, no wonder no one fucked her.
She only goes out with me if I’m smarter.
She’s got a science degree, I’ll never be her lover.
She will kiss me if I’m stronger than her brother.
That guy punched all my friends, only I was faster.
She takes my pants off if I like her mother.
That bitch got double D and seduced my father.

Went to a market to get some food.
Head was aching, night got really rude.
Went to the checkout, I saw her face.
The girl from last night, the one that I chased.

I walked to her and fell to my knees.
Everyone was laughing, I said please, please, please.
Her face, her body, her surfboard outside.
She just repeated what she said last night.
Track Name: All Night
I’m barely here.
Come on let’s dance around all night.
When I look in your eyes,
I see this guilt and fear inside.
If you let me,
I’ll try to fix this broken heart inside

I want to hold you too.
I do, I do. I do, I want to.
I want to feel the truth.
I do, I do. I do, I want to try.

Don’t lie to me.
Hey, I know you are not okay.
I hear you say:
Take my hand and take me far away.

I wanna be with you forever.
I wanna hold your hand all night.
I wanna be the only one and
I like the look of your eyes.
Track Name: Lights Out
This one is for all the Novembers
and rainy days all alone.
When the lights die a lot sooner
and the years fall down.

And we can’t see well known faces
Eyes shut, and their minds locked up.
And when we start to move slower
then we grow apart.

When spring comes back we will wait right by their house.
Wait till they will come out and say some things we forgot.
We are like postcards that got lost on their way .
The Intentions were good, but unread until today.

This one is not for the selfish
and their thoughts all too well known.
This is about honest friendship
and how it could end.

Cause I forgot well known faces
Eyes shut, and my mind locked up.
I need to start over again
and open my eyes.
Track Name: Hope
I barely make it through each day.
Have always tried to get away.
I’m sick of walking lonely streets.
The plans to leave get concrete.

Don’t give up.
(I don’t know if I could make it.)
Just hold on.
(What happens if I’m failing?)
Can’t you see?
(I always feel so helpless)
Just believe.

We love.
We break up.
We think that we should leave.
We fall.
But stand up.
Cause we fight, we believe.

I wrote this letter to the world.
Already missed this pretty girl.
But then the hope, it just came back.
I thought of moments when we met.

Don’t give up.
(Should I really make it?)
Just hold on.
(I’m still afraid of failing.)
Can’t you see?
(Same feeling, same direction.)
Just believe.
Track Name: Dream About You
I can't look into your eyes,
pretending it's alright
When I saw you that night,
I knew I must fight.

I don't know how to say this to you.
I wanna waste my time with you.

Everyday I feel your heart
and it's so beautiful.
Everytime I met with you
I knew it must be true.
All the day I think of you.
This is how I feel.
I always dream about you.

Your lips I wanna kiss.
Forever and ever.
So look, not a single cloud.
I wanna scream it loud.

I hope you feel the same when our lips collide
All that I can say is you’re on my mind.
Track Name: Love Letter
I know it was destiny.
Turned around, she was standing right in front of me.
A second and she turned me to stone.
I wished we just could be alone.

I said ‘Hi’ and tried to talk a while.
She surely noticed my stupid smile.
Our first dance, a completely mess.
Still wonder, how I got her address.

Cause girl you're beautiful. I’m sure you know.
And I wanna kiss you, but I don't know how far I may go?

She got me, she got me, she got me twisted.
She got me, she got me, and I won't miss it.
Her smile could break the thickest ice.
I’m stunned when I look into her eyes.
She moves like an angel in the sky.
Man, I wanna be with her.

Should I call or should I wait?
Where shall I take her on our first date?
What should I wear? Love Letter or Mixtape?
Am I looking good enough or am I out of shape?

She likes some old-school hip hop bands.
With words that I'm not able to understand.
She drives faster than I ever will.
It's not only her looks that could kill.

And I wanna be with you.
(And I wanna be with you.)
It's true, I am into you.
Please let me be the one for you.
Track Name: Reckless
I know. Years ago.
Surprise. Three nice guys.
One call. My mom:
‘Turn down the sound.’
One girl. One guy.
What is in my mind?

I don’t know what I’ve done.
But it still feels so wrong.
I try things to ignore.
And I don’t listen anymore.

I lie. Say good-bye.
Short break .Big mistake I made.
Track Name: I'll Be The Reason You'll Leave Town
One more chance.
I wanna have.
To hold your hand.
But I can't.
You have no time.
But many lies.
This is why, I must cry.

Love comes slowly.
Please show me,
how to get your heart.
Let's restart.

The second try.
I am still shy.
But this time,
I'm sure you're mine.
And I was wrong
So I wrote this song.
This is why I must cry.
Track Name: Confession
Yes now we’re old enough and now we should be grown up.
Should act appropriate and don’t be stupid.
We were the first to rush in line and mess it all up.
We’re out of closing doors and watching porn but:
Please don’t believe that this is true, cause it is not.
And don’t put faith in us, the cause for distrust.
What we will do with our lives, we don’t know yet.
So please don’t ever ask at all.

We have never learned enough to know when to stop it.
We still believe we will change the world one day.
You did all you could now hope and pray.

I’m sorry that I never cared about speed limits.
If I run over the first cat I’ll stop it.
No one is perfect and art needs the right perspective.
But please don’t ever look at all.
I found out that we’re loosing ground now.
And you say that we earned it somehow.
You don’t know.
We should go.
They told us we will have no future.
We said yes, that is what we aim for.
Yes we know.
Track Name: Tonight Is Ever
Walking arround
and ditching school.
I hate those guys that dress like,
dress like a fool.
And all those girls
with their dyed hair.
They try to hard
to drive gear box cars.
Tonight, Tonight Is Ever.
This here should last forever.
I will not leave this place.
Watch out for Aliens.
Tonight, Tonight Is Ever.
I hope that we never move on.
On and on.

Those TV stars.
Fake tits and lips.
Plastic skin.
Idols for all the kids.
And all those girls are pissed
cause guys just wait.
Until they are
drunk enough to dance.

I try to live my Life
I think it's right.
Even if I must fight.
Like a guy that lives his life.
He thinks he's right.
Even if he must fight
Track Name: Won't Go Without You
I’m waking up today, the sun lights up my floor.
Walking around my house and think about someone.
I’m holding on.
I’m waiting for your call. Forget about the time.
And still wonder when I get to call you mine.
I’m holding on. (Holding on.)
I can see myself with you in my mind and I swear it’s true that

I won’t go without you,
cause you will give me hope in life.
I won’t go without you,
because you are my cloudless sky.

You’re nowhere to be found. I know you try to hide.
I’m thinking ‘bout the time and when our lips collide.
I’m holding on.
I’m looking down the street and see a silhouette.
I’m feeling like the first time we ever met.
And I say. (And I say.)
I can see myself with you in my mind and I swear it’s true that.
Track Name: Behind The Story
Because you meant the world to me for so long.
I was crying when you said:
"I don't think that we have a future".
You shut the door and left my life and my heart completely died.

Our words laid down in stone. (Why did you go?)
Said I love you but this was never shown.

The sun is meant to rise. (I feel so lost.)
But the lights are tearing up my eyes.

You are in my heart. (Still in my heart.)
But our hands were slowly torn apart.

Your voice stuck in my head .(Please come back home.)
I ran away but I haven't thought ahead.