The High Rise Afternoon - EP

by One Mile Left

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5 Songs that are our best work to date yet. It is for free so please download and share it with everyone you know. If you want to support us you can also donate any amount of money to us. Thank you!


released May 23, 2013

Recorded at R.E.D Studios, Pfaffenhofen an der Roth.
Mixed and produced by Achim Lindermeir.
Masterered by Olman Viper at Hertzwerk Hamburg. (



all rights reserved


One Mile Left Bamberg, Germany

Founded 2008 in Bamberg, Germany, the three-piece One Mile Left plays Pop Punk like you heard it in movies like “American Pie”. If you missed that kind of music as much as the band did, you should give these guys a listen.

- 2012: Behind The Story
- 2013: The High Rise Afternoon EP
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Track Name: Fast Kills, Cheap Thrills
Lately I just feel so empty.
All my pills must have escaped me.
But I stole some from my best friend.
Now I can't feel what drags me
Down Down Down Down.
Did you block my number on your
Phone Phone Phone Phone?

'Cause since you're gone all I need is:
Fast kills. Cheap thrills.
Numb the hell out of my bad days.
I will medicate myself to prove my point.
I am better off without you.

All my friends have now said good bye.
And my bills pile reaches the sky.
I still don't know who you do now.
I got a plan to call you
Out Out Out Out.
Lost my job but no I won't stop
Now Now Now Now.

I don't want to forget her
But I really want to get her back
Track Name: Back In Town
And I will always help you up if you’ve fallen down
We will show them who we are
Say it out loud, say it right now.

I can’t wait till we all are back in town.
Out of school, in a suit, did you know how?
And from now it is one, two, three run.
Find the good in good bye, have fun .

Get your head up!
Are you with me?
Grab a seatbelt this is for you!
If we breakdown, then together.
Here we go now!

You were there when I moved and had to leave.
You were there when that one bitch has dumped me.
And we both put it into the hands
of those songs and a punk rock band so:

High school, College.
First love, break up.
End of summer.
Late call, wake up.
Track Name: You, Me And The Dealer Tonight
Lock all the doors, I'll take care of the rest
Right now it's just you and me.
Show me you are so much more than your looks.
Show me how long hours can be.

Your eyes reveal what goes on in your head.
Don't say this is not what you want.
But if you need you can blame it on me.
Tell’em this was all my fault. Go!

The way you move shoots my guard down.
My ears take in sounds you make.
And like a gunshot your hair takes me out.
Going slow and then overtake.

You were the dealer and I went all in.
Lay me down and don't let me go.
Let's cut the talk and let's stop all the clocks.
And then let us tear this planet in two.

Common just give me your mind. I'll give you mine.
Outside the world is sleeping, we cross the line.
Then I will caress every inch of you.
Every second something new.
Feeling skin and closing in.
We never want this to end.
Common just give me your mind.
I'll give you mine. Yeah!

And we both knew what we were gonna do,
when you catched me staring at you.
And now my lips will be there when you land.
Pulling clothes, grabbing my hand.
Track Name: I Want To Go Out With Saylor Twift
Don't you are (too afraid) of what could be.
You will miss (this old town) and the old street.
Where you kissed (all alone) her the first time but:
You gotta make it real.

Smoking pot (drink a lot) with the wrong crowd.
Yes you are (far away) from that young child.
Do you still (want to be) an astronaut then:
You gotta make it real.

Hit the road while your heart's still beating.
Close the door, don't you hit the ceiling.
Find your way as long as you're dreaming.
If they care about you they will wait.

Never will (never been) on the same page.
Never mind (in the end) their books are shit.
And I know (well enough) they won't get this but:
We gotta make it real.
Track Name: Jenny
I was the boy that did not get a conclusion (needed a lesson).
You were the girl that lost herself in a routine (restless and struggling).
Cracked me open, got me asking (tell me right now) and get a grip inside.
Had to be wrong, to know what's right, let it go.

Me and Jenny crossed the country and we used to blast the stereo
Years from now we will laugh and we'll know, so let's keep singing:

And now I am the boy that found a solution (wrote down the right words).
And now you are the girl that broke out of routine (out in the open).
Yet my mind is on a mission (on my way down) that I can't seem to tell.
Two directions, one of a kind, let it go.

And I think that I can give you this promise:
If a storm comes up in your mind I’ll notice.
And I drink so I forget what I'm missing.
And I tell myself that it has been nothing.
But I was ready to show you the city
and the bridge where we could watch the sundown but they
were told to knock it down.

(Everything I'm faking you just tear it all apart.
Everything I'm faking you just tear it apart now.)